Chat Scam!

This is the tail end of the chat that a “woman” who wanted to marry me after 5 minutes. All I had to do is send her a measly $200 for a new passport that she misplaced while on Holiday in ……WEST AFRICA..She claims she is an accountant for an international finance company her parents own…but she cannot afford to have her passport replaced…

This is after I blew her scam and inadvertantly closed the chat window before I saved it

mariagurl002 : so u think a good girl like me want to fruad u
mariagurl002 : i ahve my own job
kenc1959: I do not think you are a girl, I do not think you live in UK, you do not use ANY UK language
mariagurl002 : so i have no business with another person
mariagurl002 : what language do they use in uk
kenc1959: No LADY from a good family, with any social class, would ever ask a complete stranger for money
kenc1959: the first time they even talk to them
mariagurl002 : i did not ask u money <_<
kenc1959: you asked me to wesern union money for a passport
mariagurl002 : just that good if u told me that u can not afford the money it is a thing that my parent will give me
kenc1959: I have spoken with “women” from Russia, Poland, Chek Republic here all with the exact same thing, they need money for a passport
mariagurl002 : so just bcos our conversation that is why the passport matter came out
mariagurl002 : that is there own
mariagurl002 : those ones they want just eat your money
kenc1959: the only way I would believe you is if you came to Buffalo NY on your own accord and emailed me the flight # and seat # and I will pick you up and apologize to you
mariagurl002 : but me if you send me the money for passport i can even get usa visa and come and spen the remaining vacation with u
mariagurl002 : not that i want to fraud u
mariagurl002 : i just ask u
mariagurl002 : i have alot money :huh:
mariagurl002 : and ticket money is more more expensive than passport money u are talking about
kenc1959: you come here with your own passport and visa, I will marry you and make love to you for 7 days straight
mariagurl002 : i agree on that
mariagurl002 : on one condition
kenc1959: if you marry me you become a US citizen
mariagurl002 : really
kenc1959: yes
mariagurl002 : so can u send me the pasport money or not 😮
kenc1959: that must be worth more than a passport
mariagurl002 : no
kenc1959: you would not pay for your own passport to become a USCitizen?
mariagurl002 : just tell me how much u can afford ,and i will check if it can make a pssport money or not so i can include my money to complete it
kenc1959: I do not have enough money to pay my rent
kenc1959: can you western uion 500 dollars to me so we have a place to live?
kenc1959: certainly you can afford that, you vacation for 6 weeks
mariagurl002 : kool
mariagurl002 : i will do that
mariagurl002 : give me your information
mariagurl002 : where i can send it
kenc1959: Tops – Thruway Mall

700 Thruway Plaza Dr
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
Store Phone: 716-929-0380
kenc1959: you have to tell me the name you are sending it from and make a pin code so I can Identify it
mariagurl002 : but you can not send me money but you want me to send u
kenc1959: YES
mariagurl002 : okay
mariagurl002 : can u send me 200us dollar
kenc1959: I will once you send me 500 US Dollars
mariagurl002 : no
mariagurl002 : u send me 200us dollar
kenc1959: I need it for my rent or we cannot get married
mariagurl002 : yes
kenc1959: you send me 500 US Dollars, I pay my rent, then I send you 200 us dollars so you get your passport
kenc1959: then you can come here to Buffalo , marry me and become a US Citizen
mariagurl002 : u first send me 200 us dollar
kenc1959: you send me 723 British pounds them
mariagurl002 : u send me first
kenc1959: you send me first
mariagurl002 : no
mariagurl002 : send first
kenc1959: you come here and I will hand it to you
mariagurl002 : no
mariagurl002 : send it
mariagurl002 : how much is 200 us dollar
mariagurl002 : just change
mariagurl002 : and u cannot afford it
kenc1959: thats 5 days work for me
mariagurl002 : okay
kenc1959: thats about 3 hours work for an accountant
mariagurl002 : okay
kenc1959: are you going to pay my rent?
mariagurl002 : yes
kenc1959: I have a better idea. You send me money for a passport, and a plane ticket and I will come there to marry you. you will still become a US Citizen
mariagurl002 : dont worry
mariagurl002 : i will send u 500 us dollar
kenc1959: I will go pick it up tomorrow
mariagurl002 : yap
kenc1959: you can email me the information
mariagurl002 : bye
mariagurl002 : see u tommorow
mariagurl002 : take care
kenc1959: good night my love

I am sure there will be another episode, “she” saved my profile……[COLOR=blue]

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