Phishing, Carding, and Spoofing Scams

Scams where people pose as banks or businesses to steal your personal information.

Why I Love Internet Explorer

It not only warns you about potential phishing attempts, but tracks reported sites and lets everyone know … if you use IE, that is.

Realistic eBay phishing email!

{I almost fell for it myself! Thank goodness Internet Explorer caught it. I got one in the morning and one this afternoon, from different “people” but same message.}

eBay sent this message to an eBay Member.
[B]Question from eBay Member — Respond Now [/B]

eBay sent this message on behalf of an eBay member through My Messages. Responses sent using email will not reach the eBay member. Question from fjordkingActivity with bangups (last 90 days):
– I have bid on 0 items from imsellingtvs
bangups (323)
Positive feedback:100%Member since:Jun-26-98Location:WA, United StatesRegistered on:www.ebay.comOne more question,will you help with shipping?

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A New Email Address Has Been Added To YOur Account …

I’ve been getting a number of these lately.

Chase Manhattan must be busy …

I got an influx of these, all different, and all in the same morning.

I wonder if anyone is stupid enough to answer ALL of them.

“Gee, honey, there must be something wrong with my account. They sent me a bunch emails, and I don’t know why they all keep asking me for all my bank information. It must be different departments. I hope I helped them all straighten it out …”

And one of them goes to a web hosting company … I ‘warned them’ someone was using their system for phishing attacks. I wonder if I’ll get a response.

Account security informations !!


Bank Phishing Scams

Plenty of these, but never from a bank I actually had an account with …

Clever eBay Phishing Scam

Subject: Message from eBay member

This was to make you think there is a question about something you are selling, or at least to make you question unauthorized use of your account.

eBay and PayPal Phishing Scams

These are one of the most common … I get them all the time.

Amazon.Com Phishing Scams

These come in spurts …

AOL Phishing Scams

I don’t get many of these, maybe because I don’t have an AOL email address …