Registrar-Lock Gymnastics

[UPDATE: It was the person/company that was reselling for the registrar that caused the confusion. Apparently the domains that were on lock just took a day to reflect the change, or the person unlocked them and then lied to us. Some of the domains we were transferring we simply lost, because they had it in their name and ghosted us. There was nothing the registrar could even do.]

Discovered a registrar that apparently allows you to unlock a domain by initiating a transfer with an auth code that fails (because it’s on lock) and then waiting a few days, meaning you have to keep checking the domains status and then initiate the transfer a second time once unlocked. WTH?

And this was not explained to me properly. I had to figure it out. All I was told is that the code/key would unlock it. And it didn’t, at least right away. I wasn’t told it would HAVE TO fail instead of just unlock and transfer in one step, which if such a thing was legal by ICANN rules would at least make sense. I wasn’t told it would take days and wait until the lock was off — so subsequent attempts failed, confirming my belief it was BS and wouldn’t work. I was also misled by being told “force your registrar to except it because it’s unlocked on our system” (even though WHOIS said it wasn’t). Nope. Have to wait and check and then reinitiate. No problem! :/

Nonsensical extra steps and a week’s wait just because they weren’t unlocked like at any other registrar on the planet.

This is no way to run a business.