The GBG Story

GeeksBearingGifts.Com was registered by Ken Stuczynski of Kentropolis Web Development & Design on a whim in a silly grudge match with a hosting company, and then became what it is today to better serve its clients and the general public.  Here is the story.

Back in late 2002, Kentropolis Internet Services switched its hosting provider (for itself and its clients).  This was done for a number of reasons, but when they found out Kentropolis made a public statement that it was dumping the company in question, some inspiring emails ensued, where a representative of that company (that I have been told is no longer working for them) offered free web space for supposed publicity.  She insisted she was serious, yet of course didn’t live up to her promise.  But it caused Ken of Kentropolis to check the availability of various spoof names, and to his amazement, “GeeksBearingGifts.Com” was available.  Thus an idea was born.

But with the domain in hand, it was decided to create a consumer education site for Kentropolis to refer to its clients and prospective customers.  Now as word has been catching on, it has become an excuse to help countless people with Internet problems caused by the less ethical businesses and individuals out there.  For years now, this site has been a placeholder for consumer resources, warnings, the promotion of common sense, and protection from scams and swindles. 

In 2010, GeeksBearingGofts.Com has become an integrated part of Kentropolis Internet, serving as a combination of corprate news blog, consumer awareness site, and social media content related to Business IT resources .  A little bit of humor doesn’t hurt, either.

So if you use the Internet more than causally, for business or pleasure, this site is for you.

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