Spam Wisdom and Wierd Names

From: Paddy Aguilar []

Subject: Half of analysis is anal.

Suicide is belated acquiescence in the opinion of one’s wife’s relatives.
He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.

That’s all it said. Whoa .. I feel so enlightened now. I am the Buddha of cyberspace. 😡

7 Responses to Spam Wisdom and Wierd Names

  • admin says:

    I got these over the last year … they started in the Summer or so and ended about a month or two ago …


    Bandoleers I. Failure []
    Scald U. Wholesaling []
    Exults A. Boomeranging []
    Liquors U. Extirpates []
    Clothespins B. Papooses []
    Bandages B. Whitest []
    Vermilion H. Eminence []
    Scooters F. Dearer []
    Narcissist J. Arsenic []
    Ganglier J. Infrequently []
    Tack G. Clumping []
    Frying S. Hammerheads []
    Sunglasses V. Insufferable []
    Missionary O. Debriefing []
    Strawberries T. Manipulations []
    Herdsman R. Annealed []
    Macaroni H. Squelches []
    Portrays B. Coarsely []
    Gladstones L. Crevice []
    Industrialized T. Lint []
    Shorter S. Punched []
    Wedging D. Crossroads []
    Mooing P. Wriggling []
    Gluttons U. Washboards []
    Buttercup Q. Renegading []

    Dear Mr. Extirpates, Manipulations, et alia …

    Thank you for your mail. I now know what to name my next several dozen children, should they wish to be born in cognito.

  • admin says:

    From: Potatoes J. Escutcheons []
    Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 9:32 AM
    To: Mju
    Subject: Designer

    My Name is Designer.

    Yep. Makes ME want to reply. (NOT)

  • admin says:

    Pleistocene I. Moorland []

  • admin says:

    Yep. That’s the subject title, and a blank email from a [][/EMAIL] with a broken image.

  • admin says:

    Prestige O. Imbues []
    Vanilla V. Unitarianisms []
    Shape D. Gusty []
    Savor Q. Fondue []
    Housefly Q. Trifling []
    Halfheartedness C. Polling []
    Pulley V. Fonding []
    Moving I. Thrusts []
    Breastbone I. Cowboys []

  • admin says:

    First …

    From: Mohamed Pierce []
    Subject: asynchrony isn’t gunderson

    … and then …

    From: guns []
    Sunject: Losing Religion

    Slovakia Czech Republic March Democracy July Rules Political Textbook

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  • admin says:

    Yes, that was a subject of a spam email.