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I will be adding links to tools you can use to help trace and fight spam at any level. Track them down, report them, etc..

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  • Ken of ALLWNY says:

    Use this site on the untouchable spammers, the ones that cannot be traced, or are from a country that does nothing about spam. I use it mostly on the Oriental based spammers. Make sure that if you use it you follow the instructions carefully so as not to get yourself reported for TOS violations with your host or ISP.
    Also make Sure you have followed every other avenue of dealing with the spammer before you use it.

  • Ken of ALLWNY says:

    Sam Spade is a neat little app that helps you read and track down spammers from the email headers.
    It is loaded with tools to help you locate and report spammers. It even sets up an email to send to “abuse” once you locate the origins of the spammer. Has a great help section.

  • Ken of ALLWNY says:

    Whois lookup, there is also a desktop application that allows more than 50 lookups per day if you are doing a lot of research.

  • Ken of ALLWNY says:

    Any time you get an email selling Symantec or Norton Products it is advised that the email gets forwarded ASAP to their spam response center. 99.99% of the time the product that is being sold is BOGUS and contains at the very least “spyware”.


    I have reported no less than 3 dozen of these spams in the past week. Symantec is very active in pursuing these fraudulant product vendors

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