Nigerian Scam Archives

A long history of the Nigerian Scam by sheer examples. Little general information here, but endless reproduced email messages.

Games With A Nigerian

These emails were an attempt to explore the scam, and at a certain point, I jumped out.

Notice that they must get endless responses from people, or have very bad English comprehension, or both, as they don't seem to read most of the responses in any detail. Maybe they should work in the Tech Support industry. 😛

Nigerian Scams

Here are most of the Nigerian Scam emails I have received when it first started to become popular. Most are claiming to be from Africa (go figure), but as you will see, they are often pretending to be related to events in the news (9-11, plane crashes, wars, etc.) and have since grown to include posing as people from Iraq and any other country in the world it seems.

Reading these will be fun for some, frustratingly angering for others, or may even bore some to tears, but here they are … scamholes from around the world.