{Holy Cr@p! This was posted on countless forums}

Fresh dumps with pin codes selling service.

Hello, I am here to offer you the service of selling dumps with pin codes. All dumps are skimmed and can be checked before the selling if you want me to do it. I can offer you dumps from USA and some countries of Europe. The base of the dumps is fresh and renews consantly.
Any bad or dead stuff will be changed right after you contact me and I check it myself.

The prices are:
less than 5 dumps with pin code costs 300$ for each
from 5 to 20 dumps with pin code costs 200$ for each
more than 20 needs to be discussed personally

If you are interested go on and feel free to contact me by ICQ {number removed}.
I accept payments by E-gold.
Looking forward talking to serious people and making business with you.