Liberty Names Of America (LNOA)

Two of my customers already got DROA-similar mailings (below), and I expect more. A quick Google search and the floodgates of accusations open.

What is more, they are operating out of Niagara Falls, not far from DOA’s offices:

Liberty Names of America, Inc.
1623 Military Rd PMB663
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

And here’s their BBB report (from on 3/7/08) –

Number of complaints processed by the BBB
in the last 36 months: 154
in the last 12 months: 28
Complaints Concerned:
Selling Practices (129 complaints)
5 Resolved
124 Company did not respond

Advertising Issues (11 complaints)
11 Company did not respond

Service Issues (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond

Credit or Billing Disputes (3 complaints)
1 Resolved
1 Unresolved
1 Company did not respond

Refund Practices (8 complaints)
8 Company did not respond

Contract Disputes (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond

Guarantee or Warranty Issues (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond

I’m still digging, but I suspect they are the same criminals.

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