Domain Registry Support

Formerly “Domain Support Group”, they are sending out warning faxes labelled “FINAL NOTICE OF DOMAIN EXTENSION”

They are not an invoice scam like the DOA used (see previous thread on this or do a Google search). They are trying to sell you — at a rediculously inflated price — the variant of your domain under the “.US” TLD. In other words, if you own mainstreetagency.COM, they will try to trick you through fear and confusion into buying mainstreetagency.US.

The above example is what happened to me. They thought I was the owner and called me for my fax number out of need to send me an urgent notice. I ALMOST gave it to them, but they couldn’t tell me what was such an “important notice” from a company I didn’t already do business with.

They implied they were “THE” authority for domain registry, with direct relationships to all the big registrars, including mine, which they did not name. BUT, they refused to send me any information by email because their “email system is down.” How convenient. They eventually hung up on me after warning me I was missing their earthshatteringly important notice.

The fax one of my clients received is attached; a link to a discussion about this on a forum I am involved with is HERE.

Fax_11412454418014.pdf (43.1 KB)