College / University Diploma Scams

After receiving this email and finding the institution did not even exist, I decided to start a thread about them, starting with this email as the example. It was a sad attempt by someone who was not American (linguistic cues such as area code separate).

Good Day,
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Corrine Childers to the position of University Director.
Corrine will be responsible for overseeing online degree applications and qualifications. As director Corrine will personally contact you regarding our newly offered “Work & Life Experience” university degrees.
We are pleased with our changes to our online university, and want you to become a part of a growing community.
You are receiving this email because our staff feels you qualify for this 2 week degree.
We encouraged you to contact our enrollment department today:
Area Code: 206 Phone: 984-1705

Have a great day
Billy Garcia
Board of Directors