AOLers’ Feedback

{Circa 2004}

From an old email …

…I can’t send anything on this maniacal system! When I went to KEYWORD TECH SUPPORT A O L Kentropolis came up and that’s how I found you. You’re what comes up for “tech”. Sorry I bothered you. By the way, regarding the 2 servers you suggested….aol will not allow Surfree’s page to be displayed. I was denied access to it. So much for “life, liberty, & pursuit ” Thanks very much.

Kudos to us!

Hi, My name is Mark Smith. When I was researching a problem I had with AOL, I by-chance came across your AOL email archive and subsequently your other websites making fun of AOL. I have to tell you that I greatly enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at some of the most foolish problems that people have emailed too you and requested assistance in fixing. Especially when your not even affiliated with AOL. Now I suppose I should fess up that I am an AOL user, but completely agree with everthing you said. In fact I use AOL just to log on then minimize it and immediately open IE. If I didn’t use my parents AOL account, I myself would not use it. But I did not know that AOL could cause system instabilities which would probably account for alot of the unexplainable errors I have had in the past. But I didn’t not read anything about if AOL 8.0 causes problems like its earlier counterparts? I would be very curious to know if it does? Maybe I can use the information too coax my mother to finally switch. I appoligize for using your companies email tech support page to get this to you. I just felt that I had to give you a couple of pats on the back for being as gracious and patient in dealing with all the aol tech support that you have given out. Plus that I greatly enjoyed your website. Hopefully you can expand on it as you get the time. Thank you for the laughs and the valuable information. Mark Smith II