Fooled Me Once … Classmates.Com?

I never expected this, but I should have {sigh}.

From: Classmates Messagebox#031 []
Subject: Congratulations! Classmates Invitation.

Dear Classmates customer.
Classmates Day 2009 soon!

Video Invitation from your Classmates “2009 Classmates Day Announcement!” prepared to view.
Reunite Your High School Classmates and Celebrate This Day!
Your Classmates Are Waiting to Hear From You!

Proceed to view Your invitation now>>

With best regards, Olive Koch.
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It didn’t make sense, but I played along and it asked me to install an Active X or Flash plug-in. The warning asked me if I should trust software from “Classmates.Com” and I hit yes. Fortunately, a second pop-up (Spybot Search & Destroy, I think) warned me also, just as it dawned on me that someone could have spoofed the install dialog box’s company name.

Sure enough, check where the link really goes … something I should have done in the first place!