Links to articles, legislation, and more! But can’t I order anything WITHOUT spam?????

Spam News Articles Archive

Here are links previously featured on the main pages of GeeksBearingGifts.Com:

Anti-Spam Bills in the Works
eWeek, August 2002

Washington Bids to Can Spam
eWeek, May 2003

War on Spam Gains 2 Allies
eWeek, May 2003

Legislation and technology advances aim to stop the delivery of unwanted email
May 2003

Throwing the book at spam
Infoworld, July 2003

Can-Spam Act Can't Can Spam
InformationWeek, February 2004

Spam Solution?

Thoughts of this keep going round and round, getting mixed in with the RIAA lawsuits……anyway, an email address is a unique identifier CREATED by the user of said email address. Personally Created and Unique. Anyone following me yet. Ken, you with me here?

A PHOTOGRAPH is personally created and somewhat unique. An ESSAY is usually personally created and unique. Sketches, paintings, a web site design, all artwork for instance, all music, all creative work, all automatically copyrighted. “Fair Use” does apply to some of this work when applied to Educational and Informative use if creator credit is noted. Even Satirical use of copyrighted material is copyrighted.

Why not push lawmakers to include email addresses as an individual creative property and copyright it. This way, there is no need to track down and chase individual spammers, one can take action to the sleazy individuals that collect and sell email addresses without permission or compensation. If we all get 2 cents for every email list sold on CD or download that our email address appears on, we would all be buying new computers and T1 connections.

I could go on with this but I think everyone gets the direction I am going in.

The Mailinator

Heres something very worth bringing to the table.

This article is very funny and helps a lot if you get all the way to the end. Its goes against making up a stupid new account somewhere else just to sign up for something. (having a seperate email for spam)

With this thing you can make up a name, get what you want and the account deletes itself in a few hours. Pretty handy and saves you a lot of aggrevation.

Check it out.….php?storyid=17

Spam Tools

I will be adding links to tools you can use to help trace and fight spam at any level. Track them down, report them, etc..