Where Forum Spam Goes to Die

This is crap from just a few months worth of BS postings. Note that many of these users somehow bypassed the bot protection and email confirmation used when registering … it’s as if they hired people to manually give people grief one post at a time. So I now require validation by me for all new registrations. What a pain.

One Response to Where Forum Spam Goes to Die

  • admin says:

    I am now receiving about a dozen bogus registrations each day, on par with the forums for WNYParalegals.Org. The odd thing, which makes them easy to identify, is that they all use the following birthday:

    March 28, 1983

    But the IPs are all over the place, and the email addresses come mostly from the following domains:

    • gaweb.com
    • web.de
    • ukr.net
    • sibmail.com
    • spambob.net
    • cashette.com

    I even contacted the last one, and rightfully or not they shrugged off any responsibility. I only wish I could find the company doing all this, so I could hunt them down, kill them, collect a reward that would be due me … oh, and a medal would be nice.