How to earn money online and get bonuses from the payment systems.

When I just launched my Internet shop I faced a problem: What payment system to choose? Surely, first of all I have implemented PayPal. And though I have heard lots of negative things about this online payment system and seen a plenty of the Internet sites like one cannot refuse that today PayPal is a leader in a payment processing market and it will be the best way to accept payments in my Internet shop. So, the problem of payment through plastic cards has disappeared itself. Also I decided to choose WebMoney system. Though I should admit that their certification system has caused some difficulties. However, this Russian system is popular thus I had to go through all the difficulties to introduce more payment systems to my website. The third payment system I decided to introduce is Perfect Money. The system is a young enough but I was actually charmed with the site design, its functionality, Multilanguage interface and the feedback I found on the Internet.
Neither PayPal nor WebMoney offer any programs for business like Perfect Money does. I remember that when I first entered the site I saw a link PM for Business on the main page. Having followed that link I became really impressed by a variety of bonus programs offered by Perfect Money system.
I read all the information on the site however I didn’t understand some nuances thus I decided to register with the system. Once having created an account I submitted an application for participation in section PM for Business which I found at the bottom of the page. Frankly speaking it was difficult to find a link to that section and I would advise Perfect Money to move it to a more visible place. To check all the bonus programs for business in practice I decided to apply for all the programs. As far as I understood the system collects all the applications, process them for some time and then makes some decision. In a week after I have filed my applications I received a notice to my e-mail that my application was approved. Having entered the section PM for Business I found some new items in menu such as view statistics, change profile and discount coupons. Now I was to understand how all this worked…
The first instructions I received to my e-mail. I received a message with the instructions how to implement SCI to my site. Also there was a detailed description and an offer of Perfect Money administrator to install SCI on the site under the condition that I will provide him with all the passwords. I decided not to reveal my passwords and do everything myself.
Also they offered me to place the logo of Perfect Money on the main page of my site and get a bonus for it. The PR of my site is 3 thus they promised me 3 x 20$= 60$ per month. In fact that is not bad for just placing their logo on my site. Actually firstly I wanted to place a logo of PM on my site myself but when I have learnt about the monthly bonus I drew a conclusion that I made a good decision having joined the program PM for Business.
Having seen the pleasant changes in the statistics in the section ‘PM for Business’ I started to understand it a little bit. What made me really happy is a system of one of the programs that started paying me 2% for all the inward payments to my account. Not a bad bonus, huh?
Later I decided to stimulate my sales and offered my clients a 3% discount for payment through Perfect Money system. This became possible owing to the discount coupon system provided by ‘PM for business’ program. This program helped me in my business and granted me a loyalty of the clients. One should admit that Perfect Money provides poor information on its bonus program and clients should guess everything themselves. As far as I understood they provide an opportunity to create discount coupons that can be distributed among the clients to pay in the shop through Perfect Money system. The number of the coupon and the discount value can be defined individually. So, I have created 3 coupons, different value each, and started testing the program. On my site I found a new field in section Perfect Money SCI. They offered me to complete the coupon field personally. I entered there my discount coupon and to my greatest surprise I have found that they have written off a smaller amount from my account. The percentage equaled the discount I provided. I found it a convenient tool to stimulate my own sales and for conducting marketing campaign on the Internet.
Unfortunately I failed to participate in a referral program with the better conditions, however I decided to place my reflink on my site.
Also I took part in the program offering bonus for a great number of transitions in the account. Surely, my first bonus amounted at $0,01 didn’t make me happy, however the bonuses grew and my turnover started to increase as well, bringing more and more to me. The goods I sell are expensive enough thus very soon this program started bringing more profits to me each month.
So, I have succeeded to test almost all the variants offered by ‘PM 4 Business’ program, and do you know what I liked most? That the system was running like a clock – accurately and precise.
Certainly, I understand that I cannot earn much on this program, however it is a good tool to stimulate the sales on my site. And it is really pleasant to get a monthly bonus to your account.
Also, I would like to return to the discount coupon system that certainly has big perspectives since as far as I remember nobody has offered such conditions yet. And now we have got a real opportunity to stimulate the sales on the Internet by providing discounts.
As for the other payment systems I can say that PayPal has finally blocked my account but I continue working successfully with WebMoney and Perfect Money and I’m very satisfied with the results. All the income I withdraw with bank wire, and I’m very pleased with the opportunities of modern payment systems.
I would like to wish you good luck in your business and increase of the turnover during this difficult crisis period!